Admission open for the session 2024-2025 for grade Nur-IX and XI          Congratulations our school is affiliated to CBSE.

Educational Visits are one of the things school children look forward to during their school life. They inculcate experiences and memories which are extremely durable. An educational visit with its natural dynamic environment provides a learning venue that matches students' natural inclination to know more about things and engages even those with short attention span and puts the learning subject in context.

We, at Ontogeny believe that students learn much more in the real world through trips and visits, in a manner that is not possible in a classroom.

We aim at the following while planning and organising every educational trip in Ontogeny. We believe that our educational trips should change attitudes and raise aspirations, through participation in new activities. Rising to new challenges and living alongside their peers help pupils to become more adaptable and confident which is critical to so many aspects of their development.

A Smoother Transition: Supporting children through points of transition in their school careers can be challenging. Our educational visits promote personal, social and emotional development, standing them in good stead to make smooth and trouble-free transitions, whether from Primary to Secondary school, or between later key stages. This fulfils the educational mission set out by the school.

Bridging the Gap: We at Ontogeny are continuously working on bridging the gap between academia and the industry. Industrial Visit and Supermarket is a significant part of our course, during which students visit companies, educational institutions and get insight of internal working environment of an institution. Students pick up useful information related to practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualised in lectures. Our schools have organised visit to Science Museum Delhi and many other places for better learning of the students.

Ontogeny School has always promoted constructive learning which stands as an amalgamation of knowledge and practical application. Educational visits undoubtedly form an indispensible part of our teaching practice.