Admission open for the session 2024-2025 for grade Nur-IX and XI          Congratulations our school is affiliated to CBSE.
Principal's Desk

"Continuously learning and improving is the only way to grow. Continuous learning helps fully develop natural abilities, and creates a curious, innovative mind."

Ontogeny stands for very high quality education based on experiential learning which continues to be deep rooted with moral values. The school is a collective effort of our visionaries, chairman, Mr Mahesh Gupta and director, Mr Sanjay Jain to offer better educational opportunity in Sonipat. Quality education goes way beyond theoretical knowledge, with emphasis on values and skills that help young minds evolve into better individuals, and this is our ultimate objective. The school is at par with the best co-ed schools in Haryana and it is managed by experts from different fields, hand-picked by the school management.

My vision for Ontogeny is to provide students with an educational experience that inspires and motivates them to be lifelong learners and caring contributors to the world around them. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that meets the individual needs of each student, both academically and socially. I strongly believe in imparting contemporary education based on conventional values and am confident that we will scale new heights and reach even higher pinnacles of glory in the years to come. We endeavor to nurture and inculcate the values of mutual respect, respect for elders and teachers, a disciplined conduct, dignity of labour and allow them to grow into 'Free Thinking Individuals'.

We aim at tapping the inherent qualities of our children and nourish them to appreciate the beauty of nature, mind and soul; develop the qualities of love, kindness and mutual respect and also imbibe the value of sharing as well as caring. To achieve this, our teachers are always busy in creating an environment which makes learning funfilled & the students are allowed to explore different ideas, options and opportunities.

The school and parents are both important stake holders in moulding the personality of the children. This partnership works well when both the parties join hands in understanding the needs of the children and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Both should strive together to consolidate and enhance their potential and to convert their weaknesses into skills and assets. As a team we must complement each other's effort as we work for one common goal- A dazzling future for our children.

"Our hopes and our dreams see their fulfillment in the achievements of our children. Let us keep our dreams alive".

In this fast paced e-learning world, there is a necessity of joyful and experiential learning to build 21st century skills among students. I believe our students need to be nurtured and groomed to become empowered citizens with community values and morals. With this view point students of Ontogeny students are engaged in activity based learning environment with exposure to participate in life skills programs. Our mission is also to enculcate the traits of emotional well being, cognitive development and critical thinking.

With the advent of technology trends and tech smart classes students will become self-reliant. Here the foundation rests on learning new techniques to armour our young scholars, strengthen them to face the challenges of this century since education now is ubiquitous and teaching is not just imparting knowledge and information. Teachers at Ontogeny school use real world case studies, embracing complexity, practicing empathy, integrating technology, encouraging reflection and nurturing talent. With commitment and dedication, the school is committed to do upbringing and nurturing of children as sensitive, compassionate and responsible global citizens who will surge ahead to explore newer vistas and to chisel out a responsible and independent human beings.

'Let's nurture the child's sense of wonder, let's kindle their inquisitiveness to ascertain the mysteries of the globe! '

With best regards
Dr. Mona Singh